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Ever try to measure

The power of a dream?

Ever sit and wonder

Where water becomes a stream?

In ways there is no difference

From nothing it begins

The pieces come together

And it ebbs and flows and spins

In time it becomes power

No force may stop its flow

None may know its beginning

But all may see it grow

A tiny drop of water

Or a simple little thought

Can change the world we live in

Rewriting rules we’re taught


Coming Together

-Robert Longley


Our Community Dinner Table

Our Community Dinner Table was created for two reasons: Provide stability for locally owned restaurants and provide food resources for those in dire need due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In conjunction with the economic and social crises we are experiencing as a result of the pandemic, Palisades Park and neighboring towns houses a particularly vulnerable social and economic population. Weeks before the US declared a National Emergency, the borough’s mostly, Asian-owned restaurants have been particularly hard hit.

While Palisades Park is home to many families with financial stability, there is a large community of immigrants from Asia and Latin America without recourse to government assistance during this national crisis. Many families depend on assisted meal plans for their children, the lack of which evidently puts them in desperate situations. There are also many long-time residents that survive from paycheck to paycheck who would greatly benefit from Our Community Dinner Table. Considering the vibrant economic life Palisades Park has thus far enjoyed, it is difficult to witness the proud Americans of its community suffer from the economic hardships with little notice or assistance.

We need your help.

Our Community Dinner Table is ready to bring our town together again. With your generous donation, Palisades Park eateries will be able to survive these unprecedented times. We all must come together and support each other. Your donation will not only help keep Palisades Park restaurants open and thriving, but it will feed Palisades Park and neighboring families.

Donate today. Donate what you can. Donate for yourself. Donate for your friends.

Dinner is served.

Restaurants! Interested in being involved?

Email us at


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