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Guidelines for Meal Pick Up

at Palisades Park Library


  • Please wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, please ask our volunteers and one will be supplied for you.

  • Please stay 6 feet apart. Yellow lines are drawn on the sidewalk for a reference of where to stand.

  • Please be dressed for the weather. We operate outside rain or shine and only close during extreme inclement and dangerous weather.

  • Please follow the direction of our volunteers. We are here to get meals safely and quickly to everyone.

  • Meals are distributed first come, first serve and one per person. You may re-enter the back of the line after your first meal if you need extra. Some exceptions apply. Please ask our volunteers for more information.


What to Expect

  • We start setting up for meals at 4:00 PM. We package the meals with utensils in individual bags. Meal distribution start on average between 4:30 and 4:45 depending on the quantity of meals for the day.

  • We are currently distributing meals on every TUESDAY and THURSDAY. Extreme, dangerous weather is the only reason we will not serve meals. We will update through social media and our website of changes.

  • Our volunteers are here to help and welcome you. Feel free to talk to us about your concerns.

Special Announcements


  • Thursdays are "Grocery Days". The Food Brigade is providing groceries such as bread, fruit, milk, juice, vegetables, frozen foods... basically everything you might need to cook at home. First come, first serve. We provide plastic shopping bags or bring your own.

  • Community of Friends in Action and The Light Up Project are providing gently worn apparel. These organizations have been providing jackets, blankets, shoes, shirts, jeans, etc. for adults and children. 

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